About US:

Curtlin Toys and Games (CTAG) is a game development and toy company that provides exciting and educational products with lasting 'Play Value'. Play Value is something that keeps a child interested enough to continually play with a game or a toy.

CTAG started in 2009 with its first release of XTREME TAKEOVER 'Battle of the Xiacons' board game which sold about 5,000 copies. CTAG's second release KATATU (2011) has already won the Creative Play and Creative Child's 2011 Preferred Choice Award for board games and has been acknowledged by TDmonthly Magazine's as the editorial team's August issue Staff Pick 2011. Many of our products cross over between games and toys whereby playing the game some of the mechanics are similar to playing with a toy. Creating games with play value as mentioned is very important since this concept enhances the game experience and ultimately makes it more fun to play. In addition, we like to make games and toys that will have international appeal and don't require the use of words.

Curtis Paul, COO of CTAG, who runs the day to day operation of Curtlin has an extensive resume with toys and games and has previously written freelance articles for Toy Shop Magazine and has published a book on Prototype Hot Wheels through Lands Discovery Publishing. CTAG is based near Washington, DC and will be using distribution based on the East Coast.

It's a fast-paced race to the bunker as your Xiacon Guards, Officers, and Generals roll across hostile terrain, battling the opposing Xiacons. Fight your way through the wall to infiltrate your opponent's bunker before your opponent gets to yours! READ MORE »

A game of strategy. Where tic-tac-toe leaves off, Katatu picks up. READ MORE »

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