This award winning game is the first in a series of "Games from Around the World, "Katatu means 'three' in Namibia in South Africa" is an all strategy game which has roots from 'Tic-Tac-Toe' & Connect Four, but can take some surprising twists. The games plays in about 15 minutes and children will want to play over and over again. This game is fun and educational!

Ages 5+

It's a fast-paced race to the bunker as your Xiacon Guards, Officers, and Generals roll across hostile terrain, battling the opposing Xiacons. Fight your way through the wall to infiltrate your opponent's bunker before your opponent gets to yours! Is your strategy strong enough to defeat your opponent and the luck of the roll? The alarms are sounding. The Xiacons are mobilizing. Soon...the battle begins! VISIT US ONLINE»

Ages +8

It's a race against time in this very clever portable board game that will actually teach your child about gas conservation.

Ages +3

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